Casey Gwinn

85 Texas L. Rev. See Also 29

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In responding to Professor Lininger’s article, Casey Gwinn offers his perspective as a prosecutor who has been involved with domestic violence issues for the last twenty years.  Gwinn offers four points to supplement the understanding of Lininger’s article.  First, he argues that domestic violence prosecutors need to once again focus on evidence-based prosecutions instead of relying on hearsay statements.  Second, he notes that the evidence-based prosecution method is alive and well in spite of the recent judicial pendulum swing.  Third, Gwinn explains how the increased cooperation of domestic violence victims in prosecutions due to the Family Justice Center model influences the difficulties faced by domestic violence prosecutors.  Finally, Gwinn suggests that although the legislative action proposed by Lininger should be applauded, we must not forget what we have learned about prosecuting domestic violence offenses from the last twenty years.