Ronald Mann

86 Texas L. Rev. See Also 26

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In response to Professor Littwin’s Article, Ronald Mann compliments the article’s focus on the consumers of credit cards, rather than the lenders.  Mann cites two important contributions from the article.  The first is the surprising importance of credit cards in maintaining social status in the milieu that Littwin studies.  The second contribution is crystallizing the need for credit-card products that offer real precommitment.

Mann also praises her research on the use of credit cards at the family level, as opposed to the national or company level.  Finally, Mann defends Littwin’s decision to focus on a particular demographic group because the differentiation of credit-card products means that choices available to low-income consumers will be very different from middle- and upper-income consumers.  But Mann wants to broaden the research.  Mann asserts that a targeted project involving respondent-directed sampling should enable reliable analysis of the stability of Littwin’s conclusions over a larger area.