Karen Engle

89 Texas L. Rev. 1957

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Professor Engle comments on Alviar’s analysis of property regimes in Colombia and Azuela’s analysis of the same in Mexico.  She begins by noting the difficulties with identifying a locus of comparative analysis and potential distortions arising from the selection of symposium authors.  Next, Engle argues that while both Alviar and Azuela identify an impulse toward redistribution, regimes in Colombia and Mexico also protect private property rights, and she explicates the tension between these impulses.  This tension has largely inhibited widespread redistribution of property.  According to Engle, this tension is also between a communal and individual conception of rights.  Next, Professor Engle also identifies a tension between these articles as to whether these land issues are beyond the law or part of the law itself.  In conclusion, Professor Engle recognizes that these articles offer helpful insight for attending to distributional issues and degradation in the region.