Texas Law Review, founded in 1922, is UT’s oldest law journal and one of the most prestigious in the nation (currently the eighth most cited law review). Our generalist approach of publishing articles about most any aspect of the law means that TLR offers its members a unique chance to deepen their understanding of diverse legal fields and to interact with this nation’s most prominent legal scholars.

Membership on TLR is one of the highest honors a law student can attain. TLR members select and edit the articles, book reviews, symposia, and student notes published in our issues. Because of the skills you develop in this process, your position on TLR will be weighed heavily throughout your career. TLR members are extraordinarily diverse in their backgrounds, and as a member yourself, you will have a great opportunity to meet, work, and develop friendships with this talented group of people. We invite you to learn more about Texas Law Review. Feel free to drop by our offices and talk to some of our members and editors about their experiences on TLR.

Membership Requirements

Review membership requires a four-semester commitment that begins in the fall semester of the second year of law school. There are three basic types of membership obligations:

  • A note submission of publishable quality
  • Periodic administrative duty, including Blue Book Cite Checks (BBCCs), Bookpulls, Changereading, Proofreading, and Cleanups (CUs)
  • Office duty—one week per semester

All members must sign the Membership Agreement and pay one-time dues of $90.