Fine Tuning Nutrition Disclosures: A Behavioral Law and Economics Critique of the Menu-Labeling Provision of the Affordable Care Act

Kathryn W. Bailey

93 Texas L. Rev. See Also 103

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Obesity is one of the biggest health problems currently facing the United States. In order to combat this growing epidemic, a provision was added into the Affordable Care Act that would require restaurants to provide calorie and other health information to consumers. In this Note, Ms. Bailey analyzes this new provision against the back drop of behavioral law and economics (BLE). She then discusses possible improvements to the new federal menu-labeling law based on BLE concepts. She finally examines other possible policy solutions to the obesity epidemic.

Assessing Asymmetries

Wendy E. Wagner

93 Texas L. Rev. See Also 91

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Professor Wagner responds to Professor Wasserman’s new article, which identifies deference asymmetries inherent to the administrative process.