Context: Family Violence Databases and Registries

Aaron Setliff

90 Texas L. Rev. See Also 193

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The Director of the Texas Council on Family Violence provides context for Joyce Young’s argument that the state should create a domestic-abuse offender registry.

Regulating the Science of Forensic Evidence: A Broken System Requires a New Federal Agency

Jessica D. Gabel & Ashley D. Champion

90 Texas L. Rev. See Also 19

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Professor Gabel and Ms. Champion agree with Mr. Goldstein’s argument that serious validity and reliability problems plague forensic science, but, using the recent Troy Davis case in Georgia as an illustration, they argue for federal rather than state oversight. Gabel and Champion assert that many states lack the funding to construct an adequate system and that the fragmentation caused by different state systems would be a significant impediment to reform. They suggest a federal agency that, like the Environmental Protection Agency, would set minimum standards but allow states to experiment with enhanced regulation.

Forensic Science Reform

Paul C. Giannelli

90 Texas L. Rev. See Also 29

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Professor Giannelli agrees with Mr. Goldstein’s argument that crime laboratories would be better regulated by the states rather than federal government.  He uses the recent controversies surrounding the Cameron Todd Willingham investigation in Texas and an investigation following a postconviction finding of innocence in North Carolina.

However, Giannelli argues that states are ill-equipped to tackle one major problem in forensic science: the lack of foundational research. Giannelli points out that many forensic science disciplines have scant research to validate their techniques and contends that states do not have the resources or capability to conduct the necessary research.