Call for Student Note Submissions

The editorial board of the Texas Law Review is now accepting student Note submissions from non-members. All members of the University of Texas School of Law class of 2017 are invited to make one submission. TLR is excited to increase the diversity of topics analyzed in Volume 95 and to provide the opportunity for more Texas Law students to showcase their work.

A Note typically addresses a relatively narrow legal question with a single well-developed and well-documented argument. A Note should advance legal scholarship in a specific area by making or developing an argument that has not been made in other publications. This might include a discussion of conflicts or inconsistencies between courts or problems that legislatures and courts have not addressed. Although a Note might need to describe pertinent legal doctrine on a subject, the focus of the Note should be to make and analyze legal and policy arguments and not merely to summarize an area of the law.

Submissions must conform to the same requirements placed on TLR members. Failure to conform to these requirements will result in your note not being considered for publication. The detailed requirements are posted here, but broadly:

  1. Authors must electronically submit their Note, an abstract not exceeding one page, an author information sheet, and a thorough preemption check summary by July 8, 2016. Submissions should be emailed to
  2. Notes must be at least 20 double-spaced pages in length.
  3. Every assertion in the Note that requires support must be cited.
  4. All citations must conform to Bluebook and Greenbook citation rules.
  5. The Note must be written on a non-preempted topic. Authors must conduct thorough preemption checks before submitting their Note.
  6. As a general matter, a Note should make an argument; it will not suffice for an author to merely summarize the state of the relevant law or rehash arguments made by others.
  7. Texas Law Review reserves the right of first refusal for all Notes submitted, but we hope to notify all candidates by October 7, 2016 whether they were selected or not.

Submissions have two opportunities to be published. We hope to publish two non-member Notes in the print edition of Volume 95. Additionally, submissions will be considered for publication in See Also, TLR’s online companion.

All Note submissions should be sent to, along with an abstract, your Author Info Sheet, and your Preemption Check.

For additional information, please contact